What to wear....

This is the most frequently asked question, and for good cause! Picking the wrong outfits can turn a good photo bad.Here are  few helpful tips

 Coordinate your outfits, not match them. 

 The days of all white t-shirts and jeans are over. These days you want to go for unique, yet organized. Pick a color scheme and use it throughout. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. Look at photos you love and take note of what they are wearing, the colors, the accessories, the hair, makeup etc. 

I typically recommend avoiding black. Black will draw the light away from your face and it is a very harsh color. On the opposite end, white will reflect light back into your face, but I typically suggest avoiding white tops by themselves. Add a pop of color with a jacket, a necklace or a scarf. Don't be afraid to accessorize, jewelry always looks good in photos. And please remember your footwear is important! It''s part of the whole ensemble so make sure it matches. 

Hair and Makeup

Along the same lines as what to wear,  your hair and makeup are equally important. Nothing is worse than washed out faces, or bedhead. Wear more makeup than you ever normally would. The camera will wash you out, so you really have to play up the colors for your makeup to be noticeable. It''s not a good idea to get a new haircut or try out a a complicated new style before a session. If you are going to try something new, do it well in advance so you can be sure you know how to make it look right, and you like the results. Professional makeup and hair are an added cost but are well worth it! Also take note of your hands, the little details are important. Trim nails, and moisturize your hands. Dry skin is never appealing in photos.

It can be a lot to think about, but when you pay good money for photos you want to be sure you get the best product and these little things will ensure you are :"picture perfect."


We are lucky in Colorado to have a pretty awesome natural backdrop, but there are so many choices, downtown Denver, Pearl street in Boulder, Historic Golden, ski slopes, parks, open spaces, or even your own back yard. Before your session we will chat about what it is you are looking for and what really fits your style and personality. I can help you pick the best location for you!


The best time of day for a session is either early (and I mean early) morning or evening just before dusk. The lighting is perfect at those times. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from using these windows we can work something out, but for the best possible outcome, this is when I prefer to shoot. 


I cannot stress this enough. Photos can be hard, especially if you are not comfortable in front of the camera, or you have kids. If you are tense it will show in your photos. Kids are squirmy, and messy and sometimes downright uncooperative, that's ok! I have been doing this for long enough to have a few tricks up my sleeve, and your kids feed off of your energy, so if you are calm, they will be too. Also, you will treasure those silly moments we capture, even f it's not the picture perfect posed shot. Smiles, and giggles and little personalities shining through, those are the memories you want Those are your real kids and that is what you will want to remember. 

If you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, take a deep breath and smile because you are BEAUTIFUL, just the way you are. I try to make sessions fun, because I know how awkward it can be on the other side of the lens. I will walk you through it, and make you smile. All you have to do is be your awesome self!